Canon Filmmakers Live with Philip Bloom


Well, the time has come, and this is officially my first post for the new blog. I decided to wait until today for one big reason, Canon Filmmakers Live ( Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go to the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco and see meet/ ask questions/ learn from Philip Bloom ( and Canon Filmmakers (Jon Connor and Christina Valdivieso) (

Let me start by saying how amazingly beneficial this was for me personally. For a long time now I’ve been tossing over which, if any, HDSLR I should invest in: the 5D Mk II, the 7D, the 1D Mk IV, or now the Panasonic GH2. And after attending the San Francisco leg of the Canon Filmmakers Live U.S. Tour, I know where I’ve settled. (There will be more of that in the future).

Now, about Philip Bloom. (Taken from the Canon Filmmakers Live site). “He has filmed, directed and edited short films, documentaries and much more from Clapham to Cambodia. In 2005 he was short listed for a BAFTA craft award for his series of short films for Sky News “If I were Prime Minister.” More recently, Phil worked with George Lucas on one of his most recent productions, Red Tails. As one of the new breed of cinematographers, Philip has embraced the 35mm film adaptor market and the new line up of DSLRs, in particular the Canon 5d Mk2 and the Canon 7d, shooting on HD video but making it look as close to 35mm film as possible.With the release of the Canon 5dmkII, Phil quickly became the leading authority on how to properly use the new line of DSLRs. With technology constantly changing, Phil continues to embrace the best gear needed to create the film look. His passion for filmmaking is contagious. Join us for a day full of education with Philip where he’ll cover how to get best out of your DSLRs through practical shooting and post production/editing/grading.”

My own person opinion of the man: very charismatic, terrific educator, DSLR idol. The amount that I was able to learn yesterday just blew me away. I went in not really knowing what to expect, and came out with a few great contacts, a little bit more inspiration to shoot, and an entire book’s worth of knowledge. Some of the topics touched were shooting styles and techniques, what camera to choose, image sensor sizes, best settings for the cameras, copyright, the pros and cons of HDSLRs, accessory gear, shooting timelapse, sliders, and SOUND.

Now, I could go into detail on each of these topics, but that would make this posting entirely too long. There is one quote I’d like to share though. We briefly covered the difference between personal projects and projects that pay. When asked about how much effort he puts into projects, Philip had this to say, “I will bring the same amount of effort and enthusiasm, no matter what the project. … Bring the same amount of enthusiasm and energy to whatever you do.” This one quote has literally reinvigorated me. I’ve recently found myself floundering in my work and my projects, and now I’ve found a new desire for not only my filmic endeavors, but also for my 9-to-5.

Yesterday has left me awestruck and I think everyone interested in HDSLR filmmaking should follow Philip Bloom (@PhilipBloom), Jon Conner (@jonconnorfilms), and Christina Valdivieso (@cristinavaldivi). Also follow @canonfilmmakers. And if you have any interest in attending the tour, there is still one more stop, in LA, TOMORROW, April 6.


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