Harry Potter 7.2 Review


Preface: Yes. I am jumping on the bandwagon of Harry Potter reviews. Yes. You probably wont like my review. Yes. I am prepared for your flak. Just know that I’m coming at this as someone who never read the books. Also please note that this review is completely my own opinion; if your views differ from mine, I’m fine with that. I would love to hear what you think.

Now, that being said, not only did I not read the books, I COULDN’T read the books. I tried. And hard as I tried, I couldn’t make it past the first chapter of the first book. It just wasn’t the type of reading I enjoy. So, that meant that when the movies started coming out, that I didn’t have a huge desire to see them. But, I saw the first one. And it didn’t piss me off. The next 6 movies passed me by without seeing them. Not because I refused to, just because I had other things to do and to watch. But, over the last month or so, my girlfriend has been hounding me to watch the series so I could take her to the, what was promised to be, grand finale. So, I’ve been on a tirade of the Harry Potter movies. By the end of the third movie, I started to actually WANT to see the rest. And by the end of Deathly Hallows: Part 1, I was excited to see the final film. And let me say this: it was one of the most disappointing movies I’ve ever seen. So much so that I bolded, italicized, and made the type blue.

It started out really promising though. Going into it having just seen Deathly Hallows Part 1, the story was still fresh in my mind, and Part 2 started out carrying the same feeling and emotion as Part 1. Unfortunately, I feel that by the end of the first few scenes, they stopped trying to tell a great story and tried to start wrapping everything up. The mystery of knowledge wasn’t there. Granted it was an interrogation, but the answers came too quickly. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but the rest of the series took so much time to divulge key elements, or the information was encrypted, that it kept you asking more questions trying to solve the puzzle. Part 2 simply handed out answers.

The middle was the best part of the whole film. The entire searching/ preparation portion was simply put, energetic. It was back to that frenzied rush that the rest of the series held. The fact that this entire section reminded me of Final Fantasy VIII (which is my favorite video game) is beyond the point. I felt that during these scenes we learned more about the characters and the back story than we did over the course of the rest of the film. We see the characters evolve within the microcosm of this section (just take a look at Neville, and you’ll know what I mean). I rather enjoyed the middle of the film.

But, then came the end. The last 30 minutes (excluding the “19 years later” crap, which I’ll get to) was clichéd, boring, and too drawn out. I could’ve dealt with not having enough mystery. I even could’ve dealt with the bad dialogue, canned laughter, and obviously fake crying (after seeing 7 other films, I was used to it). But, the happy-go-lucky, please-the-audience ending? Come on. That’s bullshit. And I don’t necessarily blame the filmmakers for this, after all, they were just following the book, right? I’ve heard that up until this movie, they followed the books pretty closely (I’ll get back to this point in a minute) . They say in the movie “Harry must die,” and then he doesn’t die? Everything wraps up nicely, basically nobody from the “good guy team” dies, and at the end, everyone’s found “love.” and I have a serious problem with that. This movie was particularly dark. I mean, you see a dragon roast a room full of goblins, but seeing one or two of the “good guys” get turned to dust is too much? As much as I would’ve hated to see more of my favorite characters get offed, it would’ve made the story so much better. If you think about it, from the members of “The Order of the Phoenix” only seven of them died, and that’s if you include Snape and Dumbledore… and Dobby… In my opinion, the last 30 minutes of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 ruined the entire film.

Now let’s talk about the post script. “19 years later.” What the hell did that have to do with anything? Did it add anything to the story? No. To the characters? No. Did it even tell us anything about where the characters ended up? NO! Was that in the book? I hope not. If it was, shame on J.K. Rowling. If it wasn’t, then what the hell was David Yates thinking? This scene was the worst acting in the entire series. The dialogue was just stupid. It was almost as if there was money left in the budget and the producers didn’t want it to go to waste.  I realize that it really was in the story. But it really didn’t need to be.

Ok. Rant on the post script over. Time for an actual discussion. I’ve heard from several people, that actually read the book, that there was a lot of detail missing in the movie. They’ve told me that there is a lot of dialogue from the book that helps explain things (like the significance of some of the horcruxes). Now, for me not reading the books, and only seeing the movies, I’m not 100% sure that the extra dialogue was needed. While I was watching it, I didn’t ever go “why is that there?” I do however think that if there was extra detail given about certain scenes that it could’ve gone a long way in helping the film. There were quite a few points where I wanted to know more (like when you see that one of the twins died).

Thus ends not only my review, but the Harry Potter saga. As a series overall, I give the movies a B+. But strictly talking about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, especially when you compare it to the other films (BTW: part 1 was favorite in the series), I’d have to give it a C-. It had good moments. And it did end the final chapter of the series. But the ending, and the lack of mystery, are big counts against it.

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