Jag35: Top Quality, Low Cost (Relatively)


PREFACE: I promise I will explain why I said “Relatively” in the title!

Over the last few months I have been acquiring and using a lot of gear. Much of what I have been getting has been courtesy of Jag35. I am quite simply awed by their products. I’ll get into price comparisons below, but unless you’re machining your own parts and building from scratch, then you wont be able to beat JAG35’s price-to-quality. Beyond the quality products, they have an amazing service support. They’re quick with answers, and really help to make your experience better. Jag35 (jag35.com) has quickly become my go-to provider for camera accessories. I have used Zacuto and RedRock products; and I can say, without question, Jag35’s products really keep up with par.

The first thing that I bought was the D-Runner Bundle (jag35.com/drunner). This shoulder rig is light-weight, completely adaptable, and under $500. It comes with a follow focus unit from D-Focus (dfocussystem.com) that I couldn’t be happier with; it’s easily adjustable and works with any rod system. I take this rig with me every time I shoot; and when I’m done shooting, it folds down and packs up nicely.

Some of the other random things I bought include the Tripod Plate (jag35.com/tripodplatepro), the D-Matte (jag35.com/dmatte) (also from D-Focus System), and a Counter Weight (jag35.com/counterweight). Part of what I love about Jag35’s products is that if I needed to combine pieces from other manufacturers (Zacuto, RedRock, etc), I could. They work off of a standard 15mm rail size, which makes it easy to interchange parts as I need.

One of my favorite things about Jag35 is their customer support. If you have a question, you send them an email, and by the next day, you have an answer. If you have a concern with an order, they take care of it. They’re friendly and are proud of their product.

Now to the reason I said”Relatively.” Nothing in film is actually inexpensive, but when you compare Jag35 to other producers, the price:quality ratio is unbeatable.
Let’s compare a few items:

Jag35: D-Runner Bundle
-Rail System
-Rail Blocks
-Shoulder Pad
-DSLR Stand or Gorilla Stand
-D-Focus Follow Focus Unit

Zacuto: Striker
-Rail System
-Shoulder Gun Stock
-Gorilla Plate

Red Rock Micro: microshoulderMount
-Rail System
-Shoulder Pad

With Jag35, you get more for less, and the build quality is no less than it is with more expensive brands. I’m not saying “Don’t buy Zacuto or RedRock.” In fact I have a number of Zacuto (zacuto.com) and RedRock (redrockmicro.com) items, and I absolutely love their shoulder rigs. But, if you are an “indie” filmmaker, or a student, or a hobbyist, then Jag35 may be the way for you to go.

Even with all the praise I am giving Jag35, they too have some downsides. For example, I’ve found that some of the attachments have to be really cranked tight in order not to shift while in use. Also, the rubber grips on the handles have a tendency to slide around (which is probably why they’re developing these: instagram.com).

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Jag35. The products are top of the line. Their customer support is quick and friendly. And the price doesn’t make me squirm. If it weren’t fo Jag35 I would have a much harder time getting work.

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  1. I’ve been looking for an assessment of Jag35 gear. Thanks!

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