Jason Segel + Kermit= Good Times


I grew up watching re-runs (yes, I’m too young to watch the first runs) of The Muppet Show and I’ve seen all of the movies. I’m a big fan of the franchise. Jim Henson (imdb.com) is one of the all-time most creative people that Hollywood has ever seen. So, when I heard that Jason Segel (imdb.com) would be co-writing/ starring in a new Muppets movie, I was really tossed. On one hand, I love Jason Segel, and he’s one of my favorite comedic actors. On the other hand, when big stars try to do projects like this, it usually fails. But, I had to give it a chance.

And I’m glad I did.

The Muppets (imdb.com) fed upon every nostalgic nerve I have, brought in a fresh comedic spark, and gave me the “underdog story” I’ve been waiting for all year. If you know the Muppets, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the little details are paid attention to. There are a number of things that were added in, that 99% of people never would have missed, but were still added in.

I found that the film wasn’t overtly funny. But, it had its laugh out loud moments; and, a lot of comedic notes that weren’t overdrawn. 50% of the jokes were the typical cheesy one-liners that you would expect a Muppet movie to have. They make you giggle more because of the absurdity and randomness than from actually being funny. But the other 50% are subtle. They make you think a little bit, and make you laugh (and keep laughing) throughout the whole movie.

Beyond the cast of Muppets (which never fail to amuse) there was an unbelievable ensemble of actors that just blew me away. Actors (not in cameo roles) include Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper (who I now have a new-found love for), Rashida Jones (who I loved in Our Idiot Brother), and Jack Black. The list of cameo’s runs a mile long.

The story itself had only one perceptible hole: how are a human and a Muppet related? Though this is never explained, it doesn’t really matter in the Muppet universe.

This is a great film to bring your kids to, but it also makes a great date movie. I wouldn’t say it’s the “best film ever.” But, it is definitely worth going and seeing. Even if you grew up with/ absolutely love/ are insane about the Muppets, you won’t be disappointed.

One Response to “Jason Segel + Kermit= Good Times”

  1. 1 Linh

    I saw “The Muppets” this weekend and I *loved* it! Amy Adams and Jason Segel did such an incredible job! And then… the muppets! It made me ecstatic seeing them on the big screen again. Me and my family laughed so much through the whole thing! I just wish there was more Animal. 🙂

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