MacWorld 2012


It’s the beginning of the year, and that means it’s the start of convention season. My first convention this year: MacWorld 2012. Every year Mac fanboys from all over gather in San Francisco for a three-day long nerd-gasm over new tech, new apps, and new accessories. The convention is held at the Mascone Center and holds an exhibit floor packed full of vendors, a second floor midway for seminars and demos, and a third floor area holding a mini-IT professionals expo.

Getting free exhibit passes made this a must go for me… not that I wouldn’t have been going anyway…

I was primarily there as a way to check out new iPad/iPhone apps that could help on set (didn’t see any). But what I ended up being most excited by was the equipment that some of the vendors had.

First up is this iPad Teleprompter. The demo had it on display with a 7D. It uses a special holster that can be attached to an articulating arm or a ball-head with a 1/4-20 screw mount. The application itself is an interesting build. It doesn’t have a controller for the text speed, instead it has a variable speed setting that you adjust before beginning your prompt. The text is clear, easy to read, and the variable speed works better than you’d think it would.




Next up is the iSupport iPhone Video Rig. This support rig for the iPhone 4/4s is better than any other iPhone support I’ve seen. It has a full metal construction (versus all the other plastic rigs). It has an option hot/cold shoe adapter that allows for any variety of attachments; and has a built-in attachment mount for various iPhone lenses. iSupport also has a slider specifically designed for iPhone. The full iSupport Cine Bundle will only set you back $189.

One of the coolest things I’ve seen at MacWorld in the last few years isn’t even a new technology. It’s just an upgrade. The Primera Bravo 4051 disc duplicator can print labels and duplicate up to 30 discs per hour. It has faster speeds and higher disc capacities than any other “home” duplicator I’ve used. And at only $1,875 it’s a steal. The Primera Bravo is a great solution for DIY/Indie filmmakers looking to do self-distribution.

The last thing I want to show you also isn’t anything new. Rather, it’s just something I’m glad I finally bought. Keyboard covers can usually run between $50 and $100, this cover from KB Covers only set me back $25.



One of the coolest things, hands-down, at the show was the inclusion of a fan-submitted, South Park themed art gallery. So of the pieces were simply incredible. The exhibit also featured cells from the actual pilot episode.




MacWorld is a great place to find out what’s new happening with the iVerse. It’s three floors devoted to all things Mac. It’s not the best convention of all times, but it works well to kick of my convention season.

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