Light Craft Workshop Fader ND Review


The Light Craft Workshop ( Fader ND MkII could make all the difference in being able to get a shot, or not. Imagine shooting video on a DSLR with a fixed ISO and aperture and still being able to control the light coming in.

Everyone knows that using an ND (neutral density) filter on a lens will allow you to knock down light a few stops. But having to constantly switch between different NDs slows down a production; and for guerrilla shooters that could be crippling. Enter the Fader ND MkII. This ND has an adjustment ring that allows you to swing between 2 and 9 full stops of ND.

So how’s it work? The filter is made from two pieces of opposing polarizing glass, and by rotating the outer piece the amount of light can be controlled.

It’s a pretty simple solution that will end up saving time and money by not having to own an entire set of NDs. I got mine from supporting Jared Abrams’ ( Kickstarter campaign for The Board of Education ( Normally Wide Open Camera has them for $115; which is a great deal since you won’t have to purchase multiple filters.

Check out my video review with test footage below:

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