A Much Needed Update


I know I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been slammed (240 hours over the last 4 weeks). Thought I would give you guys a bit of an update.

Here’s what I’ve been doing:
-Working more than full time at Beyond Pix to cover the broadcast center. Aside from the extremely long hours, it’s been pretty good. Met Steve Young from the 49ers, Tim Schafer from Double Fine Productions (doublefine.com), and have gotten to talk to Kevin Pereira from G4’s “Attack of the Show.” (g4tv.com)

-I’ve also been busy shooting and editing. I’m now working with AIGA-SF (aigasf.org) to film some of their events. I also just wrapped shooting a music video for the San Francisco Bike Coalition (sfbike.com).

-Personal Projects I’ve been working on include, but are not limited to: working on a 3D bumper of my logo, continuing to learn Cinema 4D, networking through BAVC and the Reel Directory. Loretta and I have also been working on getting a gear page up on my site. Though, that endeavor has been more difficult than previously thought because of my rapidly growing list of gear.

-Grad School. In January I applied to the Creative Producing MFA program at Columbia College Chicago (colum.edu). Last month I found out that I’ve been accepted. So I’ve been busy deciding if I’m going, and how the move would take place. More news on this to come.

-Also, taxes. I shouldn’t need to explain that.

Here’s what’s on tap:
-To go along with my growing gear list I also have a number of video reviews and tutorials that are being shot and edited over the next few weeks. I’m starting with reviews of the SmallHD (smallhd.com) DP4/EVF combo and the P&C Pico Flex Dolly (photographyandcinema.com).

-Later this month is the annual National Association of Broadcasters Show for 2012 (nabshow.com). It is in Las Vegas. I am going. This will not only be my first time going to NAB, but it will also be my first time going to Vegas. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. There is going to be a ton of gear at the show that I’m going to check out, so keep tuned during the week of the 15th for my ongoing coverage.

-I’ve got a number of additional shoots coming up that I’m hoping will round out my reel.

-Also a lot more work at the studio.

There’s been so much going on, and will be so much coming up. Stay tuned for updates and new content. And, thanks for reading.

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