Cross Country Timelapse: Our Move to Chicago



At the end of June 2012, my girlfriend, Loretta, and I moved from San Francisco, Ca to Chicago, Il. I wanted to document the drive, and couldn’t think of any better way than through a timelapse. Loretta also made a video blog of the drive, and I incorporated them into the video. It’s nothing fancy, more just a way for us to share our trip.

For the music, I wanted to use all travel based music. I also tried to use songs that exemplified my emotions on each segment of the drive. And, of course I used the Indiana Jones theme music for the map portions.

Loretta posted plenty pictures of the drive in her “Grand Adventure” posts. Here they are:
Grand Adventure: Day One
Grand Adventure: Day Two
Grand Adventure: Day 3 and 4
Grand Adventure: Day 5

Denver Panorama:

The Tech Stuff:

I shot the timelapse using a Canon 7D and Vello Shutterboss Intervalometer. I mounted the camera to the inside of my windshield using a suction cup mount that has a 3/4″ stud connected to a C-Stand arm. For the lens, I stayed completely on my 50mm f/1.4. I did this for two reasons: 1) I knew I would be getting into dark areas/night and this is the fastest lens I own. 2) I like the image degree that the 50mm gives, versus my 35mm or 28-135mm.

Here are some pics from the rig:


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