Unruly Headgear: GoPro Cage Review


A while ago, I backed a Kickstarter (kickstarter.com) project for the Unruly Headcase/Headgear GoPro Case (lifeisunruly.com). I got the Headgear. It came in few months ago, but the shipment got lost in the mail when I moved. Fortunately, I finally got my hands on it; and I couldn’t be happier.

This thing is awesome. Coming from a DSLR background, I understand the necessities of using a cage to make the camera usable for video. The Headgear allows for making a GoPro (gopro.com) into a compact video system for shoots other than action shots.

The kit comes with a nice neoprene carrying case and two hex keys for locking/unlocking the mounting screws. The Headgear case itself is made of solid metal (anodized aluminum), and it feels really rugged.

The GoPro case attaches the Headgear through a screw in the bottom. Each side of the cage has 2 1/4-20″ mounting holes. So we can throw any peripheral gear needed right onto the camera.

“But Jeremy! If we take away the portability of the GoPro, why not just use a different camera?” That’s a good point random reader I just made up. You could do that. But even with the Headgear, or even the Headcase attached to the camera, it’s still super light-weight and small. It still fits in my hand, and it’s still light enough to mount anywhere. But, it adds a little bit of durability and usability.












Along with the Headgear, Unruly also has a solid lens flattening kit for the GoPro. So, say goodbye to fisheye. I haven’t modified my GoPro yet, but when I do, I’ll make sure to fill you all in.

I’ve sent out emails asking about how their products will work with the newly release GoPro Hero3 (gopro.com). My guess is that because the Hero3 is smaller than the previous models, the Headgear (at least the one I have) will be too big for the Hero3. Again, once I get my hands on a Hero3, I’ll update you all.

Unruly has some other awesome products out, and I’m really exciting to get out a do a crash test with the Headgear. Expect more to come once I get a break from classes and school projects.

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