3 Daily Stops for Film Industry News


As part of my new post calendar, every other Monday will be about where I find information about the industry, about certain skill-sets, and and about filmmaking in general. I thought I’d kick off with a post about three websites I go to on a daily basis for information on the industry.

I’ll just get right into it.


Pretty much my first stop every day when looking for industry news is nofilmschool.com. The site was started in 2005 by Ryan Koo (twitter: @ryanbkoo) and was meant to serve as an outlet about the tools and technology available to filmmakers. In my opinion, the site has transcended that platform and has become something bigger. Recently Ryan expanded the site; adding writers and a managing director. The additions to the No Film School staff were great choices.

For me, the site serves as a tremendous source of information about the technology of film; but it’s also got great content about industry changes and filmmaking styles. On any given day you can go to the NFS home page and see a huge variety of posts ranging from new camera specs, director interviews, or anything else the awesome staff can get their hands on.

This is my official shout out to the staff. Thanks guys!
Joe Marine (@joe_marine)
Mar Belle (@MarBelle)
Chris Boone (@bartondeepwood)
Ben Dewhurst (@bendewhurst)
Dave Kendricken
Justin Minich (@AxonSpark)
E.M. Taboada (@emtaboada)


After I’m done at NFS, my next stop is usually Pro Video Coaltion. This is a giant conglomerate of a site that’s divided into sections. It covers everything from audio (SOUND tab), to data management (DAM tab), to development (CREATE tab). But the sections I got to most are the camera sections. They have a really talented pool of writers that know their craft better than I know my left foot.

The main section (VIDEO tab) is dedicated to cameras, cinematography, and editing. Posts from Allan Tépper, Jeff Foster (@PXLpainter), Scott Simmons (@editblog), Art Adams (@artadams), and Adam Wilt (@adamwilt) are joined by a number of other amazing artists to really delve into what’s going on in the industry. They write reviews of new gear, they put out tutorials, and they share their general thoughts on filmmaking. It’s a great resource for veterans and newbies alike.

Being the digital world that we’re in, PVC also hosts a section devoted to dslr cameras (HDSLR tab). This section is heavily populated by veteran shooters like Dan Carr (@dancarrphoto), Clint Milby (@Clint_Milby), and Sara Frances (@sarafrance). Any new camera to come out, or firmware update, or new lens type is quickly found on the HDSLR Coalition. They offer some great tips and tricks for dslr shooters.


There’s a number of sites that I check pretty frequently (and I’ll talk about those in the future), but cheesycam.com is another site that I check every day. Their information serves a different purpose than NFS or PVC. Instead of looking to them for tutorials or industry swings, I turn to them for low cost gear reviews and postings. Cheesycam does post tutorials, but their main focus is on reviewing gear.

What I really like about Cheesy is that they post about lower cost gear (stuff that you can buy outright, without going on a payment plan). They also cover reviews of a ton of different gear. Plus they’re based out of my old homestead, San Francisco; and that doesn’t hurt none. Cheesy does a lot of work with Olivia Speranza (@OliviaTech) (oliviatech.com), who produces a number of her own reviews and covers a ton of industry events.

Cheesy also started as a way for them to get out their DIY gear projects. They developed it so far that they now have an actual line of dslr-centric accessories. The line, Photography and Cinema (photographyandcinema.com), offers top quality/low cost gear. They make the super popular Pico Flex Dolly (pandc.com), and a number of other great products that won’t break the bank.


Those are just three of the sites I visit to stay informed on what’s new in the film industry. I’ll be covering more in the coming weeks, but, I’d love to know what sites you all go to! Post your “daily sites” in the comments and let’s share the knowledge.


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  1. This site was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me.

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