Special Effects Blood on the Cheap


Being an independent, and once again a student, filmmaker I’m constantly looking for ways to up my production value without absolutely busting my budget. That’s why the few days after Halloween are so awesome for the low-budget filmmaker.

After Halloween passes, all those stores that still have stock have huge sales (like up to 90% off) on anything leftover. That’s when I go picking. A lot of the time I come out empty-handed. But, occasionally, I find an item that’s great to keep as a prop, or costume piece, and even some of the makeup comes in handy.

My find this year falls under the lines of Special Effects. I picked up this pack of Stage Blood Capsules for under $3. They’re basically just gel capsules filled with non-toxic fake blood. The actor puts it in their mouth, and when they need to spit up blood, the bite down on the capsule. There’s not a ton of blood inside the units, but the blood mixes with the person’s saliva, and you get a mouthful of blood in no time flat.

The blood looks realistic enough. And if you’ve got a good actor, then the effect works great on camera. You can find similar products at makeup and effects stores; but in general, they’re a lot more expensive. So, when the stores for next Halloween start popping up, take a look at what they’ve got. You can usually come out with something great for really cheep.

Loretta was kind enough to model for me. She even let me video a demo, so, don’t make fun of her acting.

Stage Blood Capsules Demo from Jeremy Widen on Vimeo.



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