Deconstructing the Blogroll: Wide Open Camera, theC47, Film Riot


A while ago I started a blog series to deconstruct my blogroll of the sites and people that I follow. These are the places I go to for information, tips, and tricks about filmmaking.

This week is a bit of a mixed bag: gear reviews, tips, and general film news. I chose these three sites mainly for their video content. Wide Open Camera (, theC47 (, and Film Riot ( all regularly post video content for the masses to absorb.

Wide Open Camera

WOC-logoWide Open Camera (@wideopencamera) is a coalition of filmmakers and bloggers. This was one of the first sites I started to regularly visit, and that hasn’t changed. What I really like about WOC is the fact that each of them has a sort of “specialty” that they post about.

The team is made up of Jared Abrams (@goforjared), Chris Collins (@c2camera), Chris Marino (@chrisMmarino), and newer additions include Mike Sutton (@MNS1974) and Alex Walker (@awalker47). Between the 5 of them, every topic in film is covered. They mainly focus on production and post-production, but I’ve seen posts about insurance, rates, pre-production, everything under the sun. Whenever I know there’s a new camera about to be announced, this is one site I make sure to hit because they’re going to have coverage on it. Last year they also had some great coverage of the show floor at NAB. And it was a big help for me to see some of the stuff I missed.


Occasionally WOC throws out a contest, or has a gear promo, that can’t be missed. The universal lens gears I use on all my glass came straight from this site, so there’s that too. These guys put a ton of info out and are truly a great resource for everyone in the industry.


jem_bio_pic_wideHere’s the about taken straight from Jem’s mouth “theC47 is an online and offline resource for production based training and information. More specifically, theC47 produces and provides educational content that focuses on the craft of both video production and filmmaking.”

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 5.41.17 PM

theC47 is basically an avenue for Jem Schofield’s (@theC47) daily video blog. Every day he makes a quick video, accessorized with plenty of links, that talks about equipment, new tips or tricks, and just general industry news. But beyond being a talking head, Jem is an educator. He travels the world hosting workshops for filmmakers and is really knowledgeable. theC47 was another one of the sites that I visited a lot when I was starting out, but it continues to be a valuable resource.

Film Riot

Ryan_thumbFilm Riot (@filmriot) is a video based channel that features how-to videos. It’s produced by Triune Films (@triunefilms) hosted by Ryan Connolly (@ryan_connolly) whose hyper-active ramblings offer up some great content. There are a lot of good places to go for how-to videos, but Film Riot’s videos are easy to follow and offer a better value than many others.

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 5.44.13 PM


I’ve only been following Ryan and Film Riot for the last year or so, but I’ve been finding myself on their YouTube channel ( more and more often. What I especially like about Film Riot is the fact that they don’t just focus on how-to DIY camera support; they offer a ton of tutorials on creating visual effects and editing. And there’s a bonus! They do it all with humor; which makes watching more enjoyable.

Ryan is also the host of Film State (@FilmState), a show that focuses on movie trailers and releases. But, I’ll leave that for another post.

If you’ve got some time go ahead and check out the sites, Wide Open Camera (, theC47 (, and Film Riot ( They’ve all got a lot of information compiled for the masses, and the best part is their willingness to share their knowledge with everyone. And just like me, I’m sure they’d love to read your comments and connect with you on the social interwebs.

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