Making the Switch to Adobe CS6


CS6_PP_totem_5in_300ppiThe time has finally come, I’ve moved on to CS6 ( I know most people already have, but there are a number of factors that have kept me from making the switch, and a lot of reasons why I finally have.

A little about my setup pre-switch:
For the last few years I’ve been primarily working off of my MacBook Pro. It’s a solid computer that I had Final Cut Suite 3 and Adobe CS4 installed on. So far, it’s been getting the job done. I edit on it, I composite on it, and if I ever need a second screen, I can just hook one up. But lately (as in the last 6 months), I’ve been having issues with my programs crashing (mainly just the Final Cut programs). I still use this computer, and will until it completely dies on me.


Back in August, I got a new iMac. This thing is a beast (at least compared to what I’ve been using). 27″ screen, 32gb of RAM, the works. But I haven’t been fully utilizing it yet. I’ve been wanting to get a copy of FCP Suite3 off of Ebay, but the funds have so far not been at my disposal.


I’ve never really used Premiere, but I’ve heard good things and decided it was time to give it a try. So, I finally jumped on the cloud wagon and got the whole Adobe suite off their creative cloud. The service is pretty reasonable. For $50/month you get access to the entire suite and whenever there’s an update, you get it automatically. No more need to purchase complete upgrades.


So now I get all the Adobe tools I usually use (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects); but I also get to start using some unfamiliar programs (Premiere, Speedgrade). Being new to both Premiere and Speedgrade is weird to use them, but I’m getting the hang of the programs. I still want to get the FCP Suite3, but for now I have a faster system with some more integrated options.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 7.21.06 AM

Part of the reason it’s taken me this long to move over to completely using the iMac is because of the cost of programs. I’m still going to be using my MacBook, so I would need to re-buy all my existing programs to install on the iMac. Jumping on the Adobe Cloud is a good place to start, and I hope to start building up stock on the new system.


What’s the Verdict?

While I’m still getting used to working with Premiere and Speedgrade, the whole suite is a total upgrade from what I’ve been using. The workflow is simpler and I’m performing actions in half the time. I think part of that is from having a faster computer, but also because of the way CS6 was built.

I’m also really loving all the integration between programs. Because I’m staying all in Adobe programs, it’s easier to jump content from one program to another (AE→Premiere vs. AE→FCP). Working with CS6 has been an easy transition for the other programs that I’ve already been used to, and the new tools streamline my process making it faster to get through an edit.

My next step is to slowly purchase all the programs and plugins I regularly use. I’ve also enrolled in a Udemy class about CS6; I found a discount for the classes that brings the total under $100, so it was perfect timing and I couldn’t pass it up. Working on projects completely off my iMac is the eventual goal, but I’ll be keeping the MacBook around for when I’m in the field.

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