Perpetually Playing Catch Up


After weeks of non-stop working, I finally “took a day off.” The last few months have been crazy hectic. Between schoolwork, work-work, a new puppy, personal projects, and blogs, I haven’t had a solid day to just relax. Yesterday and today I took time to clean my apartment and cook a decent meal, but my “day off” is in quotes because the work never ends. I have one more production (shooting this week) to get through before I can really take a breather. And, with NAB next week, it couldn’t come at a better time.

My work area is in constantly in the shambles of books and papers being strewn about and my gear rack is in need of a serious reorganization. But, instead of doing that, I’m writing to all you fine folks. (And for all you that are going to crucify me for the state of my gear, please let it be known that everything is clean and operational; I have taken time to care for my livelihood). The pictures below only begin to show you how much of a mess it all is.


After weeks of eating out WAY too much and making quick meals for Loretta and I, I decided it was time to make something decent. What better way than to make a pressure cooker pulled pork. (pictures below) It’s not the healthiest, but damn it’s delicious.

At about an hour and twenty minutes to prep and cook, it was well worth it. I doctored up pre-made bbq sauce, so it wasn’t completely home-made, but it sure tasted good. I feel fat and sassy.


Like I said, I’ve got one more big production hitting production this Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. There’s still a lot of work to be done on it, so even on my “days off” I’ve been doing the prep work on it.

Luckily I leave next Sunday for the 2013 NAB Show in Vegas. It’ll be a blast meeting new people, seeing new gear, and bolstering the connections I made at last year’s show. What’s even better is that I’m dragging some classmates along. I’m sure I won’t do another post (though I will try) until after the show, but stay tuned for some dandy coverage of the expo.

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