DFocus version3 VS. version4


I know it’s been a while since I posted, but to make up for it, I’m coming back with a comparison between the DFocus System (dfocussystem.com) follow focus Version 3 and Version 4.


I got a hold of the v4 back in February; and by “got a hold of,” I mean I won it. I actually won a giveaway, so I was stoked to get it. (because I like hearing my name, the video is at the bottom of this post)


The v3 is an awesome follow focus. It’s smooth, and works with my universal lens gear. I love my v3, but they put a ton of new features into the v4 that make it a really awesome tool.


The most obvious change is moving from a dual rod unit to a single rod. The v4 is easier to maneuver around on a rig because it only need one 15mm rod to clamp to. It’s also lighter, which helps with making the whole rig better.


The v4 clamps down using a single, ratcheting lock knob. Ratcheting knobs have become really popular with gear manufacturers, and I love it. They just make tightening down a breeze. The v3 uses a twist lock that tightens the unit down onto the two 15mm rods.


The new unit also comes equipped with an additional knob that adjusts the angle of the gearbox. This makes getting the unit in the right spot simple and quick. With the v3, if you needed to adjust the gearbox, you had to use risers to space the unit out.


Then there’s the gearbox itself. The v3 gearbox was made of mostly plastic gears, that while smooth, didn’t offer the stability of other follow focuses. The v4 uses “plastic teeth molded over an aluminum hub gives the same smooth, damped, near zero backlash feel of the previous D|Focus with the durability of metal gears” (taken from the DFocus site). And, while I ripped the description off, the v4 really does feel sturdy and is a big competitor of other makes.


Both the v3 and v4’s marking disks offer plenty of room for marking and are angled for easier viewing. But the v4 also features a removable marking disk. Making it easier to clean the disk between setups.


Both the v3 and v4 are solid follow focuses. But, in the few months that I’ve been using the v4, I’ve grown more and more fond of it. Having it clamp down to a single 15mm rod, and still having a great build quality, makes this one piece of my kit that I will always use. You can pick up the DFocus v4, and all DFocus products, over at Jag35 (jag35.com); combining the Jag rail system and DFocus products will give you a solid kit for minimal price.


Here’s the video of me winning. So, go me!

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